Demands for preparation of larger quantities (100mg or more) of carotenoids may be realized by our collaboration with a laboratory that is highly specialized in polyene and carotenoid synthesis. N.B. these products are not for human application.

In recent years there has been an increasing demand for analysis of carotenoids from plants, algae, fruits and other sources. We have established collaboration with a contract laboratory that is specialized in qualitative and quantitative analysis of carotenoids. We can establish readily an overview of the main carotenoids and measure the total carotenoid content. Successful HPLC separations of various enantiomeric carotenoids on analytical scale are available. A number of analyses according to the needs of the customers and to their full satisfaction have been performed

Another service is filling ampoules under inert gas. The transfer of small amounts of carotenoids into ampoules may be very demanding. We have developed a procedure for filling manually ten to several hundred ampoules with a required amount. This service is offered not only for carotenoids, though highly toxic compounds are excluded.