Our current Price List is containing all compounds presently in stock, including source and purity. These carotenoids can be delivered within a few days.

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The carotenoids are prepared either by extraction from natural sources or by chemical synthesis. Samples are supplied in sealed ampoules, under nitrogen, to ensure stability. Usually purity (HPLC, % area) is ≥ 95%. Although the ampoules are labelled as 1 mg or 5 mg, these values are approximate. We guarantee, however, that the actual content will be not less than the stated amount. Whenever possible, they are supplied in crystalline form with the exception of (E/Z)-phytoene and (E/Z)-phytofluene which are oily at ambient temperature. All compounds are fully characterized and analytical data (HPLC, UV/Vis spectra) as a Data Sheet, as well as a Safety Data Sheet (SDS or MSDS) are provided with the samples.

In addition, we are able to prepare on request a large number of other carotenoids, including various (Z)-isomers, apocarotenoids, stereoisomers and esters. For more information see our


Carotenoids on this list must be reanalysed and can be delivered usually within weeks.

This range is expanding all the time! For unusual carotenoids and larger quantities, even if you don’t think it will be available, enquire! We will rapidly give you our assessment of whether it is feasible, how we would do it, and what we estimate it would cost.

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